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John Zettler

I’m a product manager & founder with a hobby for investing.

I currently lead Coinbase's retail staking business, helping 5M+ customers earn interest on their crypto. My team & I run the “Earn” tab in the Coinbase app, generating ~$300M in Gross ARR.

I’ve founded a number of products, both as an entrepreneur and inside Coinbase. Most notable are cbETH — the 2nd largest liquid staking token on Ethereum — and R.A.R.E Art — one of the first NFT marketplaces for limited-edition digital art.

I publish some of my investment writing. My crypto builder experience + Wall Street hedge fund lens give me a unique perspective. Please subscribe if you’re interested.

Beyond my career, I love skiing, hiking, weightlifting, sport shooting, meditation, Phish & the Dead. Reach out if you'd like to chat :)

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Group Product Manager, Staking  

(Jan 2023 – Present)

Staking (Coinbase Earn) helps customers earn interest on their crypto holdings

  • Lead Coinbase's retail staking business, enabling 5M+ users to earn interest on the crypto they hold
  • Responsible for the app's Earn tab and $300M of Gross ARR (i.e. "Blockchain rewards" revenue)
  • Defend our staking business and respond to regulatory actions from the SEC & state agencies
  • Lead 2 pods & company strategy on retail native staking, liquid staking, and staking asset addition

Product Lead & CoFounder, cbETH  

(Feb 2022 – Jan 2023)

cbETH is a liquid staking token allowing anyone to earn yield without a lockup

  • Launched cbETH as a 0→1 product, giving customers liquidity on yield-bearing staked ETH
  • cbETH solved the lockup problem before Ethereum's upgrade, and now is used to avoid wait times
  • Achieved 400k+ customers wrapping over $1B in staked ETH value, thus far
  • Built & led the team, designed token mechanics, executed launch & DeFi go-to-market strategy

Product Lead & CoFounder, Coinbase Business  

(Mar 2021 – Jan 2022)

This product sought to be the business checking account of the cryptoeconomy. It was deprioritized.

Product Lead & CoFounder, Coinbase Asset Hub  

(Mar 2020 – Mar 2021)

Coinbase Asset Hub is where asset issuers list, launch, & grow their token

  • Launched 0→1 product to accelerate asset addition & support our "Amazon of Assets" strategy
  • Achieved 22 new asset listings in its first quarter, more than all prior-year listings combined
  • Conceived product strategy, recruited resources, and executed through launch & v2 release

Product Lead, Coinbase Commerce  

(Mar 2020 – Feb 2021)

Coinbase Commerce is a crypto payments processor for business

  • Grew GPV/month by +619% to $87M & monthly transacting merchants by +120% to 4,600
  • Drove market share from 9% → 29%, becoming #1 market leader in crypto payments
  • Crafted a new product strategy & roadmap; turned on monetization
  • Scaled ENG team by 3x and managed 1 PM


Advisor, Crypto  

(Aug 2021– Present)

Advise the CEO and Head of Product as a cryptocurrency subject matter expert

Rare Art Labs

CoFounder, CEO, Head of Product  

(Feb 2018 – Feb 2021)

R.A.R.E Art was an early NFT marketplace for limited-edition digital art on Ethereum


CoFounder, CEO, Head of Product  

(May 2015 – Feb 2018)

Commandiv was the 1st combined crypto & stock-trading platform for US investors

SeaStone Capital Management

Hedge Fund Investment Analyst  

(Aug 2013 – May 2015)

SeaStone Capital was a long/short hedge fund focused on global equities & options

Morgan Stanley

Investment Banking Analyst  

(Jun 2011 – Jul 2013)

Completed a 2-year investment banking analyst program in the Global Power, Utilities, and Clean Tech Group


R.A.R.E Art

R.A.R.E Art was an early NFT marketplace for limited-edition digital art on Ethereum.

After seeing CryptoKitties' launch, we knew that NFT technology could benefit artists creating natively-digital media (e.g. animators, videographers, digital illustrators, designers, & photographers). We figured they would bring their fans and build collector demand.

Demand was hard to come by in the 2018-9 bear market. We built an Apple TV app to display collections and told stories about our artists to promote their art. Ultimately, we were forced to put the project on the side and move on, and the site went down.

R.A.R.E Art was an early NFT marketplace for limited-edition digital art on Ethereum
Check-out demos of R.A.R.E's My Studio & My Collection dashboards


Commandiv was the 1st combined crypto & stock-trading platform for US investors.

We didn't set out to build in crypto, but customer demand brought us there. It was my first experience with Coinbase as a developer & customer, and I was very impressed. Around this time I fell down the Ethereum rabbit hole and haven't looked back since!

Commandiv was wound-down in Feb 2018 and we deregistered the RIA with the SEC. The product was growing and we passed an SEC audit, but compliance costs were high and our fundraise fell apart once Robinhood announced they were getting into crypto.

Product Demo

Mobile shown above. See the desktop UX here. Please excuse the audio.

Onboarding Flow Demo

We built an elegant onboarding flow to perform KYC & onboard accounts


Passive Investing Rebalancer

I use this tool to construct & rebalance my portfolio of index-tracking ETFs. It makes it easy to manage a portfolio of low-cost index funds.

Sector-by-Sector Rebalancer

Similar to the passive investing rebalancer, but for rotating between sectors strategically. I don't try to time equities markets, but I do love lowest-cost, best-in-class ETFs :)

My Digital Library

This is where I take notes on books I find informative & important.

Hedge Fund Reading List

Great reading list for aspiring investors, institutional & individual. (h/t to Blue Ridge Capital)


I've also enjoyed press coverage on things I've built:


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